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May 8, 2017  

In this special podcast the Editor-in-Chief of AJP-Cell, Prof. Josephine C. Adams (University of Bristol, UK), has a discussion with the AJP-Cell Paper of the Year 2016 Award winner, Dr. Nathan Zaidman (now at John Hopkins, USA), and his mentor, Prof. Scott O'Grady (University of Minnesota, USA). The research underlying the winning paper was carried out as part of Nathan's Ph.D. research in Prof. O'Grady's laboratory.

This podcast explores the major findings of the 2016 AJP-Cell Physiology Paper of the Year “Differentiation of human bronchial epithelialcells: role of hydrocortisone in development of ion transport pathways involvedin mucociliary clearance” (DOI: 10.1152/ajpcell.00073.2016). The authors explain how they investigated the role of hydrocortisone (HC) in differentiation and development of the ion transport phenotype of normal human bronchial epithelial cells under air-liquid interface conditions.

The discussion also touches on possible future research directions. Dr. Zaidman shares valuable advice for other students about the key factor to consider when it comes to choosing a postdoctoral research project.



Presentation of the award to Dr. Nathan Zaidman by Prof. Josephine Adams, Editor-in-Chief, at EB 2017.

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